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Really Really “Free” Market
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Why not have your own stall at a flea market that operates without money?
The Really Really “Free” Market is a truly free market held in various countries worldwide, in which participants exchange goods or skills without the use of money.

This event is being held at Kyonan Fureai Hiroba Park by Musashino Place in collaboration with TERATOTERA, which organizes various art projects in areas along the Chuo Line!
Stalls at these markets take all kinds of forms. For example, there are book exchange stalls, to which people can bring a book and take another one home free of charge; language exchange stalls, where people teach Japanese words in return for being taught words in another language; and information exchange stalls, at which people exchange information about their interests and concerns to get information about activities, groups, and people in their neighborhoods. The possibilities are endless; just think about what you want to get and what you want to give in exchange. Goods for other goods, goods for skills, skills for skills, other things – please do submit your suggestions.
We hope that the Really Really “Free” Market will not only provide the chance to meet new people, but also help you to share with visitors the activities and skills that you want to publicize. You’re bound to make new connections.
Why not come and take part as a stallholder? We’ll be holding briefings during the application period, so please feel free to come and ask us any questions that you might have.

Event Overview

Date & time: Saturday, July 22, 2017, 15:00-18:00
*Postponed to Sunday, July 23 in the event of rain
Set-up time: From 12:00 noon *If this will not give you enough time to set up, please contact us for advice.
Venue: Kyonan Fureai Hiroba Park (northern side of Musashino Place / Kyonancho 2-3, Musashino City, Tokyo)
Stallholder fee: Free
Stall area: 2.5m × 2.5m
Planned number of participants: 20 groups

*Event details may change.

Conditions of Application

  • Participants must be of elementary school age or older (elementary school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
    *Junior high school students selected to participate must submit a consent form signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Participants must have previously used Musashino Place

Important notes

  • There is no upper limit on the number of applications that you can submit, but please note that the stall area is 2.5m × 2.5m per group.
  • Please take any garbage generated by your stall home with you.
  • Please supply all equipment required for your stall, including any mats or tarpaulins.
    (Please inquire with Musashino Place if you wish to use a parasol or tent)
  • The use of fire or flame is strictly prohibited
  • Exchanges involving money are not permitted
  • The exchange of food or drink is not permitted
  • The organizer will decide on the layout of stalls at the venue and will contact participants about this in June.
  • Parking of vehicles is not permitted (a car park (charge applies) is available on the B3 floor of Musashino Place)
  • Please also refrain from any conduct that is prohibited by the Musashino City Municipal Parks Ordinance. Please contact us for further details.

How to Apply

Please e-mail your application to, ensuring that you have provided the information specified below and using “RRFM Stall Application” as the subject line. Alternatively, you may submit your application to the Lifelong Learning Support counter on the third floor of Musashino Place.

  • Name
  • Age (school year)
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Address
  • Details of stall

*If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places, screening will be carried out before deciding on the successful applicants.
*Elementary and junior high school students should also provide the name and contact details of a parent or guardian.
*Personal information supplied will be managed appropriately and used solely by the organizer for the purpose of communication associated with this event.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday, May 30, 17:00
Applicants will be notified of the results of selection on Saturday, June 10


If you wish to cancel your participation as a stallholder in this event, please contact the RRFM (Really Really “Free” Market) Coordinator at Musashino Place by Sunday, July 9, without fail.

Postponement in the Event of Rain

If rain is expected on the day, a decision on postponement will be made by noon on the day before the scheduled date and communicated to participants at the e-mail address supplied in their application.
The market will go ahead on the scheduled date in the event of light rain. In the event of severe weather, the market may be postponed until the following day (Sunday, July 23) or held inside Musashino Place.


We will hold briefings for those who wish to apply to participate. Please feel free to attend if you are interested.

・Tuesday, May 23, 19:00-20:00 Gallery, 1F Musashino Place
・Sunday, May 28, 14:00-15:00 Space C, 3F Musashino Place

*No reservation required. Please go directly to the venue 10 minutes before the briefing is scheduled to begin.

Stall Ideas

Exchanging Goods for Goods
People who bring a book to leave on the stall can take another one home free of charge.

Exchanging Goods for Skills
People who bring paper they don’t need can learn how to turn it into envelopes.

Exchanging Skills for Skills
People who teach some words in Japanese can learn some words in English or Mandarin.

Exchanging Information for Information
People who teach one of their secret recipes can learn someone else’s secret recipe.
People who talk about their interests or concerns can learn information about their community (activities, groups, people).

Exchanging Time for Skills
People who come to the flea market venue can participate in artists’ works.


Musashino Place



Organized by
Musashino Lifelong Learning Promotion Foundation (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation), Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Ongoing (General Incorporated Association)