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Arts Academy "Considering the connection between cultural policy and the creative workplace"

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Professional Human Resource Development Training (Lecture series in 4 sessions)

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While we know in our heads that public theater projects are connected (or “must be”/ “should be” connected) to the cultural policy of the government and municipalities, we probably have few opportunities to get a real sense of this, or give it much thought. For this series of lectures, we invite people in charge of cultural policy and enterprise at national and local government level, as well as those who negotiate with administrative bodies in the course of developing cultural projects with private companies or public theaters, to consider the connection between cultural policy and the creative workplace.


Session 1
“A framework for cultural policy after 2020”

Akihito Horiguchi (specialist in the Office for Cultural Programs Promotion, Policy Planning and Coordination Division, Commissioner’s Secretariat, Agency for Cultural Affairs)
Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 19:00 — 21:00
Venue: Gallery 2 (5th floor), Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Session 2
“The promotion of cultural policy in municipalities”

Hirohide Takahashi (group head of cultural initiatives in the Cultural Design Section of Toshima City’s Culture, Commerce and Industry Department)
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 19:00 — 21:00
Venue: Gallery 2 (5th floor), Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Session 3
“The public nature of private enterprise in the arts”

Makiko Sato (Urban Policy Planning Office, Mori Building Co., Ltd. /secondment to International Tourism Division, Japan Tourism Agency)
Date: Tuesday, September 26 2017 19:00 — 21:00
Venue: Gallery 2 (5th floor), Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Session 4
“Creating theater with local residents”

Kentaro Matsui (Director of Cultural Centre of Fujimi City, KIRARI FUJIMI)
Date: Friday, October 20, 2017 19:00 — 21:00
Venue: Rehearsal Room M1 (basement level 2), Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Interviewer: Akiyoshi Watae, executive director of Platform for Arts and Creativity)


*We recommend attending all four sessions consecutively, but you may attend each individually.


40 per session
*First-come, first-served basis. Advanced reservation required.

How to reserve

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Human Resource Development Section, Program Planning Division
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre


Session 1 – 3: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Gallery 2 (5F)
Session 4: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Rehearsal Room M1 (B2F)



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Cooperated by
Platform for Arts and Creativity
Supported by
Agency for Cultural Affairs