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Feelings of the Body Recital Performance


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-Inviting people who want to see dance performances
Children and Takiko Iwabuchi (choreographer / dancer) create original dance pieces through workshops.
If you understand the feelings of your body and move it, you will see your interesting movements that you don’t usually notice, which are your style.
Children perform their original dance piece while playing with their bodies.

Composition and choreography: Takiko Iwabuchi (choreographer and dancer)
Performers: Elementary school students in grade 2 through 6

* A reception starts at 14:00. The hall opens at 14:30.
* General seating
Admission: Free
* Advance reservation required. In order of arrival on the day of the performance
* For more information about tickets on the day of the performance, please call us at 070-5455-5626.

[Artist Profile]
Takiko Iwabuchi (Choreographer, Dancer)
Takiko Iwabuchi trained in contemporary dance at the Laban Centre, London. After participating as a dancer in projects of Herve Robbe, Ted Stoffer and other choreographers, she returned to Japan and established “Dance Theatre LUDENS” in 1999.Since then, she has been creating the dance pieces under the theme relationships among people. Her best works include “Be,” “Es,” “Distance” (Park Tower Next Dance Festival commissioned work), and “Against Newton” (New National Theatre, Tokyo commissioned work).Invited to domestic and nine well-recognized international dance festivals, including ImpulsTanz ? Vienna International Dance Festival and the American Dance Festival (ADF), Takiko has given dance performances and received high reputations in each region. In 2001, she won the Yokohama Arts Foundation Award in the Yokohama Solo × Duo Competition and Embassy of France in Japan Award for “Be.” In 2005, she received the Rookie Award from Dance Critics Society of Japan for “Distance”. In addition to creative and performance activities, she has recently been involved in a wide range of activities through dance such as producing international joint works in Tokyo International Dance Workshop ReAction. Takiko Iwabuchi is an instructor of the Dance Studies Major, Department of Movement Sciences, Japan Women’s College of Physical Education.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), NPO Children meet artists


Medium-sized hall of Rune Kodaira