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TERATOTERA - Train Stopover Journey No.15@Mitaka
"A Place for Commitment" "The Place I Commit"

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TERATOTERA has been holding art projects in the Chuo Line area since 2010. Many volunteer staff members (called “Terakko”) participate in the operation of TERATOTERA, which actively connects with the area as it carries out its programs. In the two-plus years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have noticed major changes in participating Terakko. Now there is a strong awareness of larger ties to collectives and the local area which go beyond individual ties of friendship, company, and family; and this awareness seems to inspire participation in volunteer activities closely connected with the community. What’s more, one senses that this transformation is spreading–not only into the fields of art and volunteerism, but into society as a whole. In response to this societal transformation, TERATOTERA 2013 will hold a wide range of projects based on the theme “commit.” Why are we now going beyond close relationships with family and friends and looking (committing) to the larger community? Why are many artists starting to go beyond self-expression and move towards building (committing to) relationships with others? Together with three guests who are actively involved in projects focused on local and community ties, we will hold a discussion based on the key word “commit.”

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Hiroshi Fuji (Deputy Director, Towada Art Center; Artist)
Born in Kagoshima in 1960. After completing the Master’s course in the Kyoto City University of Arts’ Graduate School of Arts, he taught at the National Arts School in Papua New Guinea and worked in a city planning office. He subsequently established the Hiroshi Fuji Design and Production Room. Fuji has created numerous projects around Japan which promote dialogue and community experimentation. These include “Carp Streamer Swimming in Kamo River,” “Marriage and Divorce Problem of Mr. Godzilla and Ms. Haniwa,” “Skinny Dogs Walking,” “So Long Frogs!,” “Vinyl Plastics Connection,” “Kaekko,” and “Image of Hachijuro Fujishima.”

Hajime Matsumoto (secondhand store owner)
Born in Tokyo in 1974. Owner of the secondhand store Shiroto no Ran (“Amateur Revolt”) No. 5, he is also Vice Chairman of the Koenji Kita Nakadori Shoeikai. After founding the Association to Protect the Reek of Poverty of Students of Hosei University in 1996, he launched “stupid” revolts around Japan. In 2005, Matsumoto opened “Amateur Revolt” in Koenji with Hikaru Yamashita and others. Since then he has organized various “outrageous” demonstrations, including the “3-Person Demo,” “Give Me Back My Bike Demo,” “Give Us Free Rent Demo,” and “Stop the Nukes Demo!!!” Recently he has been strengthening exchanges with “really foolish spots” in other countries. His books include Binbo-nin no Gyakushu! – Tada de Ikiru Hoho (“The Poor Strike Back! How to Live for Free”), published by Chikumashobo.

Ichiro Tezuka (Representative, Video Information Center)
Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1947. Graduated from International Christian University. In 1979 he opened a video player store in Kichijoji, and in ’81 he established the Video Information Center (VIC), also in Kichijoji. In ’98, he opened Harmonica Kitchen in Harmonica Yokocho (Alley), in front of Kichijoji Station. Tezuka currently runs 10 stores in Harmonica Yokocho, and in mid-July 2013 he plans to open HYM (Harmonica Alley Mitaka) at the North Exit of Mitaka Station.


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HYM (Harmonica Alley Mitaka) 1-5-8 Naka-cho Musashino-shi Tokyo 1-minute walk from JR Mitaka Station