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Special Monday Course

  • Kids / Youth ,
  • Visual Art / Media Art ,
  • Art Project ,
  • Workshop

In this program, art appreciation courses are held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum’s special exhibition space on days when the museum is closed (Mondays). A curator and “art communicators (TOBIRAs)” will provide support from the preparatory stage through the actual course in the spacious venue, helping children encounter works of art through conversation. This program will stimulate children’s powers of observation, imagination, language and expression, and nurture their sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. A chartered bus will be available to participants.

* Applications for this program are closed.

Kindergartens and elementary, middle, and high schools in Tokyo
(2 – 3 schools per day / requests accepted on a per-class basis / only older kindergarten students accepted)
Facilitators: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum curators, art communicators (TOBIRAs)
Transportation service: chartered bus (only for schools requesting this service)


Museum Start “i-Ueno” Operating Team (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum & Tokyo University of the Arts)
Tel: 03-3823-6921 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum office)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo University of the Arts


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum