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Community and Art Project
Propelling Mutual Growth through "Spiral" Lectures

- An Art Project Aimed at Helping to Solve Cultural Policy Issues -

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#1: The Boundaries between Culture and Politics / the Political Nature of Culture and the Independence of Politics, Government, and Culture

Politics and economics are integral parts of our daily lives – but it’s not always easy to see how. Focusing on community-based art projects organized as cultural policy directives, this lecture will look at the culture and politics that we encounter in everyday life.

Guest: Toshiro Mitsuoka (Tokyo Keizai University)
Case: 55 years of municipal operations

* The second lecture will be held on Dec 14 (Sat).

Guest profile:
Toshiro Mitsuoka (Tokyo Keizai University)
Toshiro Mitsuoka is currently a lecturer in the Faculty of Communication Studies at Tokyo Keizai University, specializing in social studies and cultural research. Having co-founded SETENV in 2000, Mitsuoka has been active in planning media art exhibitions and symposia. Since 2006, he has turned his focus toward his own research. Before taking his current position this year, he was granted Research Fellowships for Young Scientists
of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and he also worked as a Global COE assistant for the Waseda University Theater Museum (in the Arts and Culture Environment course), etc.

How to apply:
Enrollment limit: 20
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Koganei Civic Center (Moegi Hall) 3F, Conference Room A * The location has been changed to facilitate lecture arrangements.