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Tokyo Artpoint Project: Progress Report

Report on the Tokyo Artpoint Project

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Among the Fiscal Year 2013 activities of the Tokyo Artpoint Project aimed at the formation of organizations and the maintenance of an environment to encourage community art activities, various programs including 11 art programs and research program “Tokyo Art Research Lab” took place. What were the aims of these activities, and what did they attempt to do? A presentation by representatives of the various organizations that took part will look back on the year, and report on results. We would be happy if as many people as possible involved with these activities took part.

Charge: Free
Enrollment limit: 50 (No reservations required)
Guests: Yoshiyuki Oshita (Chief Director / Principal Consultant, Center for Art Policy and Management, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.)
Takashi Serizawa (Director & CEO, P3 art and environment)


Tokyo Art Research Lab Office (NPO Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT])
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Tokyo Metropolitan Government
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