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The World of Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo, a folklore puppetry
(Tokyo Traditional Arts Program)

  • Japanese Traditional Art ,
  • Theater / Dance ,
  • Performance

Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo is a form of puppet theatre created by Koryu Nishikawa around the end of the Edo period. It is called Kuruma Ningyo because the puppeteer sits on a small seat with roller wheels (rokuro-kuruma) and operates the puppet (ningyo). This small seat, and the fact that one person can operate a puppet, distinguishes Kuruma Ningyo from Bunraku, in which three people are needed to operate a puppet. This one-to-one relationship allows great flexibility and realism as the puppet and the puppeteer move in unison. Part 1 is the tragic love story of a beautiful girl. Part 2 is a human drama that shows the feelings of people in the Edo era.

Ticket Prices

¥1,000 (Adults)
¥500 (Students under 18)


Secretariat of the Tokyo Traditional Arts Program Executive Committee

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo Traditional Arts Program Executive Committee


Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall (Icho Hall)
24-1 Hon-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo