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Art Camp - open call for entries

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Each of us works on projects in different countries and regions, bringing our different perspectives and ways of thinking. Sometimes our world-views coincide and sometimes not, but we are always growing through our encounters with what is different from us and the inspiration and ideas we receive from others. The aim of APAF Art Camp is to provide opportunities for people working in the performing arts, each of whom thinks about various issues from the perspective of his/her community (country, region, etc.), to come together and, through intensive interchange and exchange of views, further deepen and develop their own activities. We believe this will lead in the future to projects and international collaborations spanning the globe. People active in all sectors of the performing arts—directors, playwrights, producers, dramaturges, and more—are encouraged to apply. This is a valuable opportunity to experience firsthand how your activities and ways of thinking are seen from outside your area and country, as well as to gain insight into your own perspectives on the work and world-views of others–for your own benefit, and for the benefit of your region and the world.

Junnosuke Tada
Director, APAF

Program Summary

In Tokyo Festival, Asian Performing Arts Forum 2018 holds APAF Art Camp, in which participants selected through open recruitment, most of whom are active in the performing arts in Japan and other Asian countries, reside in Tokyo for the duration of the Tokyo Festival—one of the capital’s leading international performing arts festivals. Instead of focusing on end results such as the performance of stage works, the program aims to be a process in which participants mutually inspire, examine and refine their usual working perspectives and their ideas and methods in creating works, leading in turn to the development of their respective projects. This process is achieved through input (daily repetition of activities such as performance viewing, lectures, and fieldwork) and output (speeches and discussion), as well as the frequent exchange of opinions. During the Art Camp, the “captain” (facilitator) provides support to participants in setting themes, formulating ideas and more. On the final day there is a public presentation. Each participant’s progress is shared with attendees and audience members, and the camp provides support leading to the further expansion of participants’ activities. This program is designed to develop personnel and activities in a wide range of sectors contributing to the future of the performing arts field.

Program information

Opening day orientation
Presentations and discussions by individual participants about their respective activities
Interaction with participants in the APAF “Creation through International Collaboration” and “Workshop for International Collaboration” programs
Viewing of Tokyo Festival performances; discussions about the works
Lectures and discussions with invited speakers
Attendance at speaking events, including forums and roundtable discussions
Fieldwork in the outskirts of Tokyo
Interaction with professionals (artists, theater/festival directors) from Japan and other countries who have come to the Tokyo Festival
Final day – Public presentations (including projects that participants hope to undertake in the future, and associated methods and perspectives)


November 6-12, 2018


Free. (Please note: participants will pay for their own meals and transportation to activities in the Tokyo metropolitan area (attending performances, fieldwork, etc.) during the program period (about 2,000 yen per day).

Available places

About 3 participants will be selected for the program. We plan to hold the program with approximately 5 participants from Japan and overseas, including mainly Southeast Asia.

The following costs will be covered by the program:

Accommodation costs in Tokyo (Ikebukuro)
For those coming from distant locations in Japan, round-trip transportation (1 round trip) to Tokyo/Ikebukuro
Tickets to performances attended as part of the program; participation costs for lectures
Japanese-to-English interpretation support (in discussions)

Who is eligible

People mainly engaged in the performing arts in Japan/Asia, regardless of activity sector (in principle, age 40 or under), and who:
– can stay in Ikebukuro during the Art Camp period; from November 2-12 (those who live in or near Tokyo may commute from home if they wish), and participate on all Art Camp dates;
– are in agreement with the aims of this program and intend to participate in a pro-active way;
– plan to continue performing arts activities in the future; and
– are able to communicate with other participants in English.

How to apply

The participants will be selected based on their application documents. Please provide the following information on the online entry form. (The form is available in Japanese only. We accept the application via email as well;

Please send the following information via email.
Professional (artist) name, if applicable
Date of birth Age
Occupation (affiliation)
Notable work and activity experience (in about 400 characters)
Contact address (including postal code)
Daytime phone number
E-mail address
Website (if applicable)
Links to videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) of works that you have created or been involved in *Please specify your contributions to these works.
Motivation/reason for applying (up to 400 characters)
Central themes, conceptual focuses, etc. of individual/group creations (up to 800 characters)
Future action plans, objectives, etc. (in about 400 characters)
English ability (qualifications or conversation level)
Message (if any)
※Your personal information will be handled as strictly confidential, and will not be used for any other purpose than to contact you about the program.

Application deadline

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 (11:59 p.m.)

Notification of results

Mid-July, 2018
※As a general rule you will be notified of selection results and various other matters by email. Please ensure devices such as computers and mobile phones are set to receive messages by email.


With regard to how to apply, entry form:
With regard to APAF Art Camp:
Arts Council Tokyo



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) / Toshima City*
Co-organized by
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Supported by
the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in fiscal 2018*

(*For APAF Workshop, Art Camp)