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Hokusai Sound Expo: Japanese Gidayu and Kodan

  • Japanese Traditional Art ,
  • Music ,
  • Kids / Youth ,
  • Visual Art / Media Art ,
  • Art Project ,
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Your voice is a musical instrument and chatting is music! Step back in time to the Edo period and have fun exploring all the possibilities of your own voice!

Based in and around Sumida-ku, Hokusai Sound Expo is a program that gives children the chance to encounter some of the world’s most beautiful-sounding instruments, taking part in rehearsals that culminate in a performance.

Ta-da ! The voice is the best instrument and one that everyone has! Clap! Clap! The sound of chatting is wonderful music! Using techniques from Japan’s traditional performing arts gidayu and kodan, participants will experience the pleasure to be gained from speaking aloud and the joy and beauty of the Japanese language. They will practice both an original work and a performance of Chushingura, Japan’s famous tale of the 47 Ronin. In addition, participants will make the harisen fans used in kodan and the kataginu sleeveless robes worn for gidayu.

Instructor: Kyonosuke Takemoto (gidayu), Yaya Tsuruzawa (gidayu shamisen), Shinku Kanda (kodan)

■Day of the Performance: Feb. 8 (Sun), 2015
■Venue: Honjo chiiki Plaza BIG SHIP (1-13-4 Honjo, Sumida-ku)
■Participants: Elementary school students
■Capacity: 20
■Participation fee: 3.000 yen (Advance reservation required.)

Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Topping East (NPO)


Topping East (1F, 2-10-7 Honjo, Sumida-ku), Performance: Honjo chiiki Plaza BIG SHIP (1-13-4 Honjo, Sumida-ku)