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Tokyo Project Study 4: Building a lab from a one-room setting

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Listening to people we don’t know; thinking in teams

We will endeavor to launch a lab team based in one room (ROOM302).
This is a lab in which the interests of each member are brought together, simultaneously researched, thoroughly shared, and visualized–now, in Tokyo. We will gather in the room and talk. We will repeat the process of leaving the room, researching phenomena via our bodies, bringing what we have studied back to the room and sharing it with the other members. At the beginning, there will only be a room. The members will all work together to create the lab’s methods and functions.
Our research will place importance on the method “listening to what people have to say.” When we attempt to learn about a certain area of interest, we often start by finding books and documents and doing internet research. But by stepping outside and listening to what people have to say, we can encounter unexpected words and reactions. This may be something we have not been able to accept fully in our previous experience. We will take on this sense of losing our bearings and proceed with our research while repeatedly discussing and debating methods of acquiring information through the body and sharing it with others.
We aim to have each member develop and apply their own techniques for gaining a more three-dimensional understanding of the things they want to learn now. What’s more, we expect this lab to give rise to new creative forms and projects to which members have devoted a long period of time.


NOOK(general incorporated association) [Natsumi Seo (artist), Haruka Komori (video artist), Mika Isozaki (artist)]
Facilitator: Ryuhei Koya
Recording and editing: Soichi Takahashi
Study Manager: Risei Sato (Program officer, Arts Council Tokyo)

Target participants

– People who would like to research and go to hear what other people have to say about their area of interest (art, documentation, editing, design, architecture, engineering, social welfare, sports, gender, entertainment, etc.–any subject is acceptable)
– People with various techniques (special skills) required for “lab building”

Participation fee

General 30,000 yen, students 20,000 yen
*Does not include transportation expenses for fieldwork and other activities.


About 10 persons

Scheduled dates of activities

Dates of activities for first Tokyo Project Stay
Sunday, September 23, 13:00 – 18:00
Monday, September 24, 13:00 – 18:00

Regular discussion
Sunday, October 14, Sunday, November 11, Sunday, December 9 2018, Sunday, January 13, Sunday, February 17 2019
13:00 – 17:00 (Planned)
*13:00 – 17:00 on Sunday, October 14

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Additional information
We plan to open ROOM302 and create a setting where we can learn together and share our progress in the skills required for each member’s research.
*Dates and times are subject to change depending on the progress of activities, etc.
*We will also organize relevant guest talks and field work on activity days. (Metropolitan locations planned. Transportation costs to be borne by participants.)

The basic procedure is expected to be as follows:
(1) Members share their areas of interest and attempt to categorize issues.
(2) Each member carries out individual research.
(3) Members meet, share their findings in detail, and bring issues to light.
*We will aim to enhance the precision of information within teams and convert it into an open source.
*The research and sharing process will be repeated several times.
(4) Members use one another’s information, and projects and new forms of expression start up. (?)
With ROOM302 as activity base, research materials and progress reports will be shared.

How to apply

Please use the application form here.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Selection schedule
Saturday, August 4, 2018 13:00 – 15:00: Briefing
(Please see here for details and how to apply)
Monday, August 27 – Sunday, September 2, 2018: Screening
*After the document screening we may contact you by Skype or telephone.
Monday, September 3 2018: Notification of results


Project Coordination Division,
Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
TEL: 03-6256-8435(Weekday 10:00-18:00)


Arts Council Tokyo ROOM 302 (6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo [3331 Arts Chiyoda]) and others


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)