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MOT Satellite 2018 FALL

- To become a narrative

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MOT Satellite is an art project which takes artistic activities out into the community, with exhibitions, workshops, performances and more being held in the Kiyosumi-shirakawa area while the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT) is closed for renovations. The aim of the project is to help people rediscover the appeal of their community.
Kiyosumi-shirakawa is a place where the old and the new intersect. In addition to the signature charms of its cosy traditional neighborhoods dating back to the Edo period and its waterside landscape, in recent years a lively cafe and gallery scene has also emerged. Since opening in 1995, MOT has taken an active role in the community, offering contemporary art from Japan and overseas.
The theme for MOT Satellite 2018 FALL, the project’s third installment, is “To become a narrative.” Based on this theme, we aim to build excitement ahead of the imminent reopening of the refurbished museum in spring 2019, as well as to strengthen partnerships with the community and people/places involved in the project. Artists and researchers working in a variety of fields engage with the community and people of the Kiyosumi-shirakawa area, resulting in dialog and a rich number of artworks and related programs. Community memories have begun to emerge as “stories” through artworks and projects, painting a vivid picture of a community in motion. Visitors will enjoy interacting with the artistic and cultural offerings as they go around the streets of Kiyosumi-shirakawa.
The main exhibitions will be presented in seven “MOT Spaces” set up in former industrial sites and community spaces. Visitors can also walk around and enjoy smaller exhibits and installations at “MOT Spots” dotted around the area at coffee roasteries, cafes and shopping arcades. Look out for all kinds of programs offered by our “Local Partners” at community hotspots of alternative culture.

Participating artists / projects

Yeondoo Jung (MOT Space C)
Aiko Miyanaga (MOT Space F)
Nozomi Suzuki ( MOT Space D and G / MOT Spot b, c and e)
Chika Higashi (MOT Spot a)
Hiroshi Shimura (MOT Space B)
MOT collection exhibits: Dennis Oppenheim (MOT Space E)
Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab.,The University of Tokyo × DNP AR Project (MOT Space A)
Kiyosumi-shirakawa Project, Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts (MOT Space A)
The group of optical illusion block workshop (MOT Space B)
Noramoji Project (At every MOT Space / MOT Spot d)
Heartbeat Picnic / Japanese well-being project (*talk session and workshop only)
Crack Iron Albatrossket (*theatrical performance only)

MOT Satellite 2018 FALL Exhibition areas(PDFPNG)

[MOT Spaces]
A Fukagawa Shiryokan Avenue Shopping Street Cooperative Society (3-8-5 Miyoshi, Koto City)
B Grantchester House (3-8-5 Miyoshi, Koto City)
C A Shirakawa warehouse (2-5-9 Shirakawa, Koto City)
D Oshima warehouse ( 2-4-2 Shirakawa, Koto City)
E Former Tavern Koshiji (2-4-2 Shirakawa, Koto City)
F Former bookbindery in Miyoshi (2-15-3 Miyoshi, Koto City)
G Shirakawa Nichome Chokai kaikan (2-3-8 Shirakawa, Koto City)

[MOT Spots]
a Sasaki
b Asahi Photo Studio
c ARiSE Coffee Entangle
d Fukagawa Library
e Satkar


Free (including related programs)

Related programs

– Sunday, October 21 Talk session: Hiroshi Shimura
– Friday, October 26 Screening and talk session: Yeondoo Jung and Toshihiro Wakebe (President, Fukagawa Shiryokan Avenue Shopping Street Cooperative Society)
– Saturday, October 27 Noramoji Workshop @ Kiyosumi-shirakawa
– Saturday, October 27 MOT lectures
– Sunday, October 28 Talk session: Nozomi Suzuki
– Saturday, November 3 (public holiday) The group of optical illusion block workshop
– Sunday, November 4 AR neighborhood walking tour @ Kiyosumi-shirakawa (Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab., The University of Tokyo × Koto City Tourism Association)
– Saturday, November 10 Talk session: Chika Higashi, Akito Inui (leader, Crack Iron Albatrossket)
– Sunday, November 11 Workshop: Nozomi Suzuki
– Saturday, November 17 Talk session: Aiko Miyanaga

(Theatrical performance) Crack Iron Albatrossket
This zany performance troupe’s show includes new material created for the MOT Satellite project. Troupe members compare the atmosphere of their show to “a get-together by a bunch of geezers who forget why they are there, and end up having a silly and very rowdy party.” How the performance is connected to the Kiyosumi-shirakawa community and MOT Satellite project — or isn’t — is something you’ll just have to find out!
Schedule: Two performances daily on Saturday, November 3 (public holiday), Sunday, November 4
Venue: The Fleming House (2-6-10 Miyoshi, Koto City)
*Advance reservations required. Reservations are accepted from October 1.

(Talk session and workshop) Heartbeat Picnic @ Kiyosumi-shirakawa
What can art and technology do for the richness of the heart? This talk session explores well-being from various angles. Additionally a local temple plays host to a workshop in which local people and visitors can get a real sense of “life” for themselves by feeling their own heartbeat or someone else’s.
Schedule: Saturday, November 17
Venue: Unkouin, Kougenkyou-ji, Ryutokuzan (2-17-14 Koto City)
Capacity: An estimated 50 for the talk session, 25 for the hands-on workshop. Observation-only possible.

Talk session and neighborhood walking “cruise” (“Guided tour of MOT Satellite”)
MOT museum guides will take up to 5 participants on a walking tour around Kiyosumi-shirakawa, pointing out art highlights and local points of interest.
Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays after and including Saturday October 27 (total of 8 tours)
Tour times: From 14:30 and 15:30 (the tours will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour)
Meeting place: Information center (MOT Space A)
*No need to reserve. The tour will operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

*Additional cross-genre events and talk sessions are planned for MOT Satellite.
*The latest information on venues, times, how to take part etc. will be posted on the official website.


TEL:03-5777-8600 (Hello Dial, 7days a week between 8:00-22:00)
TEL: 03-5633-5860(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, weekdays between 9:30-18:00)


Various locations in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa
*No parking available. Please use public transportation.



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo / Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Supported by
Koto City, Korean Cultural Center in Japan
With the special cooperation of
Fukagawa Shiryokan Avenue Shopping Street Cooperative Society, Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts, Hirose Tanikawa Narumi Lab.
Sponsored by
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
In cooperation with
Dell Japan Inc., The group of optical illusion block workshop, Koto City Tourism Association, Koto City Culture and Tour Guide Association, Koto City Fukagawa Library, Koto Fukagawa Edo Museum, Koto City Motokaga Elementary School, Motokaga Elementary School Taiko Club, Asahi Photo Studio, Shirakawa Nichome Neighborhood Association, Basho Memorial Museum, Grantchester House, Unkouin, Sasaki Co,Ltd., THE FLEMING HOUSE, ARiSE Coffee Entangle, Satkar, TEAPOND
Sanctioned Event of the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival