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TERATOTERA Festival 2018

Walls that separate us

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Walls that separate us

These days we often hear the phrase, “the last (something or other) of Heisei.” The upcoming TERATOTERA Festival is also the last one of the Heisei period, so I want to take a brief look back at the era.
The media’s assessment of Heisei has been harsh on the whole. It is revealing to look back at aspects of this era of economic slowdown: the “lost 20 years” that followed the collapse of the “bubble” economy; the unprecedented calamities of first the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and then the Great East Japan Earthquake; and the accident at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, a situation that shows no sign of being resolved. Overseas too, a large number of people were displaced after the series of terrorist attacks and military retaliation that followed 9/11. Various countries around the world are turning from cooperative to jingoistic tendencies, and confrontation and division is deepening. The border wall that President Trump is calling for seems to be a grotesque caricature of reality.

For this year’s TERATOTERA Festival concept, we talked about the challenges each of us encounters: disparity or discrimination due to poverty and disability; challenges to or rejection of diversity in gender and sexual identification; words and actions that do not hide a hatred for certain nationalities or ways of thinking…. The word that emerged as the keyword underlying efforts to divide people was “wall.”

Some of these barriers have already emerged and been identified as social problems, while others are “invisible walls” that remain under the radar. There are probably also “soft walls” inside us that we lean comfortably and unconsciously against. Following that discussion, the concept for this year’s festival became “Walls that separate us”.

At this point I want us to recall the fact that in 1989 (the first year of Heisei), the wall that once divided Berlin was brought down by the energy and passion of the citizens who tried to cross it. This triggered the end of the so-called Cold War, and raised hopes for a world without walls. What’s more, two years before this an artist had done a live performance in West Berlin near the wall. It was English musician, David Bowie. It is easy to imagine that the music of Bowie echoing over the wall shook up and motivated the citizens of East Berlin, even to a modest extent.

Art can play a role in pointing to problems. In this year’s TERATOTERA Festival, we hope artists will confront these “walls,” and we want to help them do so. I’m not just referring to the walls that remain firmly in force, but also to the invisible walls, and the walls that creep insidiously into our hearts and minds. We anxiously await whatever walls should emerge.


Formed in 2018 by 16 core members from among past TERRAKO volunteers. Their occupations, ages and genders may differ, but they share a passion for supporting artists and the front lines of art, and building them up together.
TERATOTERA Festival 2018 is the first project for Teraccollective to be involved in. Members will remain behind the scenes for the collective’s initial engagement, supporting the various people involved in art, and creating a festive onsite atmosphere.

*The program is subject to change.

On the day of the event, we will announce program changes and cancellation on the TERATOTERA’s official Twitter / Facebook.



Participating artists

Tuan Mami, Mai Endo, Kyunchome, Kiyono Kobayashi, Maiko Jinushi, Osamu Jareo, Fuyuhiko Takata, Chiho Hayashi, maadm, Mei Homma

Program (Art)

Exhibition of installations, paintings, video works and performance pieces by up-and-coming artists. Please make your way to the reception next to the JR Mitaka Station North Exit Police Box (1-14 Nakacho, Musashino) where you will be given a detailed map.

Art exhibition

Date/time: Friday, November 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18 11:00 — 18:00
*Until 18:30 at Space Elbe

Tuan Mami
Venue: Small Hall, Musashino Performing Arts Theatre (2F, 1-15-10 Nakacho, Musashino, Tokyo)

Kiyono Kobayashi
Venue: the former Takeda Seimenjo noodle shop (2-17-2 Nakacho, Musashino, Tokyo)

Fuyuhiko Takata
Venue: Mitaka Space Ai B (1F, 3-28-20 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo)

Chiho Hayashi
Spce aside the JR Mitaka Station North Exit Police Box (1-14 Nakacho, Musashino, Tokyo)

2F, Mitaka Chuo Building (3-28-20 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo)

Mei Homma
2F, Mitaka Chuo Building (3-28-20 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo)

Screening 1

(Title) “Making a Perfect Donut” (Artist: Kyunchome)
Date/time: Friday, November 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18 11:00 — 18:30 (Running time 85 minutes, 5-minute interval)
Venue: Space Elbe (2F Sunrose Musashino, 1-2-9 Nakacho, Musashino, Tokyo)
*Events scheduled during exhibition period. Screening times, the latest information, etc. will be posted here when finalized.

Screening 2

(Title) “Sound of Desires” (Artist: Maiko Jinushi)
Date/time: Friday, November 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18
Screenings at 11:30, 13:15, 15:00, and 16:45 (Running time 69 minutes)
Venue: Small Hall, Musashino Performing Arts Theatre (1-15-10 Nakacho, Musashino, Tokyo)


Title TBC

For three days only! New performance piece from Mai Endo who performed “I am not a feminist!” last year

Date/time: (20 minutes per performance)
Friday, November 16 13:00, 15:30, and 17:30
Saturday, November 17 13:30 and 16:00
Sunday, November 18 13:00, 15:30, and 17:30

Venue: HYM (Harmonica Yokocho Mitaka, 1-5-8 Nakacho, Musashino, Tokyo)
Artist: Mai Endo
Guest performer: Megumi Kamimura

Dancing with pregnant women

Dancer/choreographer Osamu Jareo develops activities that connect art and society, for example in projects involving people with disabilities, the elderly and people living in evacuation centers. For this festival he will stage a workshop-style performance consisting of dialog with pregnant women.
Date/time: Sunday, November 18 14:00 — 15:00
Venue: Musashino Towers Sky Cross Tower square (1-12-10 Nakacho, Musashino, Tokyo)
Artist: Osamu Jareo
Music: Yusuke Kataoka
Performers: Ayano Furuhara (7 months pregnant), Osamu Jareo
Special performance: Mariko Shiino (director, Manmaru Maternity Hospital)
*Seeking expectant mothers who’d like to dance! Details of how to apply etc. will be posted here when finalized.

Program (Talk)

Program (Talk)
With a focus on the set theme for this year’s TERATOTERA Festival, “Walls that separate us,” participating artists take to the stage to discuss their own “walls,” and how they face up to them.
Date/time: Saturday, November 17 18:30 — 20:30
Venue: 2F, Mitaka Chuo Building (3-28-20 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo)
Appearing: All participating performers (scheduled)


TEL: 090-4737-4798


Facilities, vacant premises around JR Mitaka Station and others



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Ongoing (General Incorporated Association)
Cooperated by
HYM (Harmonica Yokocho Mitaka), Urban Renaissance Agency, Mitaka Town Management Organization, Mitsubishi Jisho Community Hodlings Co., Ltd.
Supported by
Mitaka City, Musashino City