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Saburo Teshigawara: "Pierrot lunaire" and "Lost in dance featuring Lyric Suite"

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Saburo Teshigawara and Rihoko Sato dance together with beguilingly beautiful music and finely-honed singing!

This performance brings to Japan soprano Marianne Pousseur, who cut a commanding presence at La Folle Journée festival in 2011. The musical performance features dynamic conductor Jaime Wolfson, who works with Vienna-based contemporary music group Ensemble Wiener Collage among others, and a group of elite Japanese musicians.


Saburo Teshigawara


Dancers: Saburo Teshigawara, Rihoko Sato
Singer: Marianne Pousseur
Conductor: Jaime Wolfson
Flute: Junichiro Taku
Clarinet: Ryuta Iwase
Piano: Mariko Taguchi
Violin: Maiko Matsuoka, Fumiko Kai
Viola: Yoshiko Hannya
Cello: Kei Yamazawa


Saturday, December 1 18:00
Sunday, December 2 16:00
Monday, December 3 No performance
Tuesday, December 4 19:30


【Tickets on sale from Saturday, October 27】
S seats: 5,000 yen
A seats: 4,000 yen
65 and Over (S seat) : 3,000 yen
25 and Under (A seat): 2,500 yen
High school student and Under: 1,000 yen

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