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Lecture 3:Areas where art projects get off the ground (3-part series)

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Mapping practices in three communities (Heisei edition)

What environments are art projects generated and developed in?
In this lecture, we look at the areas of Tachikawa, Yanaka and Roppongi and explore the practices of community-centered urban art in each. Hosted by practitioners active in each community, we explore art-related activities and art projects from the Heisei era, together with guest artists and researchers familiar with local urban transition and the art scenes of each era.


Session 1 The Tachikawa area
Mapping transition in the city of Tachikawa
With reference to case studies
– On“Studio Shokudo”(1994 – 1998 / 2000)
– On town planning and art seen in“Faret Tachikawa” (1994 – ) and Tachikawa International Art Festival (1998 – 2002)
– What is “art and society”as envisioned by Studio Shokudo?
– “Medium” and “Place”: Organization and management
– “Tachikawa (Tama)”: Art and the future
Navigator: Masataka Maruyama (designer)
Guest: Izuru Kasahara (artist)
Interviewer: Shinsuke Ouchi (Program Officer, Arts Council Tokyo)

Session 2: The Yanaka area
Mapping the Yanaka area and the transition of art
– Mapping transition in the art of the Yanaka area (centered in Yanaka and including the area around Ueno)
– Unraveling the practices of the guruguru Ya→Mi→ Project
– What are the areas supporting art in Yanaka?

Navigator: Emi Tomizuka (art director, performer)
Guests: Akiko Shiihara (community planner, President of Taito Culture & Historical Society), Yasumasa Igarashi (Associate professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
Interviewer: Yuri Sakamoto (Arts Council Tokyo Program Officer)

Session 3: The Roppongi area
– Mapping transition in the Roppongi neighborhood through its art scene
– On Roppongi Art Night (2009 – )
– On the practices of art developed in Roppongi

Navigator: Shinya Takahashi (consultant, Mori Building Company / General Manager of renovation re-opening office at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art)
Interviewer: Tsukasa Mori (Director, Arts Council Tokyo’s Tokyo Art Research Lab (TARL) / Principal, School of Thought, Skill, and Dialogue / Director, Tokyo Artpoint Project)

*Details may be subject to change.


– People interested in the comprehensive decoding of art projects
– People interested in examples of community art enterprise practices
– People interested in the design and planning of art projects


1,500 yen each session / 4,000 yen for attendance at all three lectures
*Reservation required



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Session 1:Tuesday, February 5 2019, 18:00
Session 2: Tuesday, February 12 2019, 18:00
Session 3: Monday, February 18 2019, 18:00

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