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Seeds of the Future Exhibition

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Depicting the future from the here and now

On the Koganei Artfull Action! project we engage in activities that promote a rich and satisfying life through the power of arts and culture.Among them is an annual project in which we collaborate with elementary schools: this year we conducted activities with fourth graders from Koganei MunicipalMidori Elementary School,sixth graders from Honcho Elementary School and third graders from Maehara Elementary School. This year in particular we have coordinated our activities with initial planning work related to Koganei City’s long-term comprehensive plan for the future; and together with the children attempted to consider the “future”by looking at the“now.”
In this exhibition we focus on the year’s activities, especially our collaborative work with children, the results of which will be on display.The future as depicted by children is something precious, incorporating real daily experiences and warmth, like favorite things and places important to them.Come to this exhibition and muse on the modest yet significant “seeds of the future,” sewn by the creative expression of children.

“Feeling body and soul”

Fourth graders from Midori Elementary School
Choreographer: Aiko Obana
Can you talk without using words? This work puts the mind and body to full use in a thoughtful attempt to experience the “now” of fourth graders.

“Becoming a poet”

Sixth graders from Honcho Elementary School
Poet: Sayaka Osaki

The project begins with children choosing places on the way to and around the school which they wanted to be their focallocation. Children used their imagination to think about what that place could be like in ten years’ time, and created monuments inscribed with poems.

“Creating a picture encyclopedia of the seeds of the future”

Third graders from Maehara Elementary School
What are the seeds of the future? Seeds are much more than just plants, right? What kind of place will this be when these seeds bear fruit in the future? The seeds of the future made by these third graders will bloom along the Nogawa River.




Artfull Action NPO
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Koganei Miyajigakki Hall (Koganei Civic Center) Space B and C


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Koganei City, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Artfull Action NPO