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Miss Bokko (Bokko-chan): Shinichi Hoshi “short-short” selection

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Legend of “short short”! Korean National Theater Company sets the work of science fiction writer Hoshi Shinichi!

One of the most powerful and popular directors in today’s Korean theater world, Chung In-chul, chose the work from the masterpieces by “The Short Short God” sci-fi writer Hoshi Shinichi whose works continue to be read by a wide generation and brought onto the stage with the Korean National Theater in 2017. He received the overwhelming popularity of young audience and won the most prestigious Donga Drama Award in Korea. From Seoul, where, from small to big commercial theaters, various genres of work are continuously produced, the Korea National Theater Company will finally comes to Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre! What is the message of Japanese writer Shinichi Hoshi who has been popular among wide generation in Korea for us living in modern times? Please enjoy this unique collaboration of Hoshi Shinichi and Korean theater “Miss Bokko (Bokko-chan): Shinichi Hoshi “short-short” selection”.


Thursday, May 30 19:00
Friday, May 31 19:00
Saturday, June 1 14:00, 19:00
Sunday, June 2 14:00
Duration: 90 minutes (no intersmission)
Performances will be in Korean with Japanese subtitles.

Performance program

1. “Miss Bokko” (“Bokko-chan”) from “Bokko-chan”
2. “Acquiantances” from “Many Taboos”(Takusan no tabu”)
3. “Can Anyone Hear Me?”(“Ooi dete koi”)from “Bokko-chan”
4. “The Mirror” from “Bokko-chan”
5. “Men in Space” (“Uchu no otoko-tachi”) from “Greetings from Outer Space” (“Uchu no aisatsu”)
6. “A Device”(“Hitotsu no sochi”)from “The Fairy Distributing Company” (“ Yosei haikyu kaisha”)
*All Shincho Bunko editions

Writer / Director

Original novel by Shinichi Hoshi
Screenplay and direction: Chung In-chul


National Theatre Company of Korea


Reserved seats
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65 and Over: 3,000 yen
25 and Under: 2,000 yen
High school student and under: 1,000 yen

*Preschoolers not permitted.
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*The program is subject to change.
*Culture City of East Asia 2019 Toshima Special Project

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