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Lecture "Unveiling the language to invest time in culture: clarification from 10 years of Tokyo Artpoint Project" (3-part series)

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Cultural projects require time; getting to know the area and building relationships between people, trying out different methods. Such slow cultivation is worthwhile. And we need to share the significance of practice in “language” with diverse people.

Under Tokyo Artpoint Project, which started in 2009 and marks its 10th year in 2018, we have rolled out 38 art projects together with 47 not-for-profit organizations in metropolitan Tokyo. We support sustainable activities throughout the year, multiple years after projects are launched. Each activity has been accompanied by a program officer, a specialist staff member of Arts Council Tokyo who has not only worked on individual projects but also created a framework for intermediary support.

In this lecture, we unveil to participants the “language” that has emerged from Tokyo Artpoint Project’s ten years of knowledge and trial and error. We invite guests in an attempt to amplify the discussion through comparison with other practices. On the basis of past practices, we also try to develop “language” to support and drive cultural projects now and in the future.

*This lecture uses the book “FUTURE CULTURE Discussion in a 10 Year Period -Tokyo Artpoint Project 2009-2018-”. The book is available online on the website in PDF form and can be purchased online for 2,800 yen (tax and shipping).It is also slated to be available for purchase at the lecture venue. Please have it to hand during the lecture!


(1)Comprehensive commentary! Tokyo Artpoint Project: Deconstructing intermediary support
What is Tokyo Artpoint Project? What happens on the ground at art projects? What is necessary in order to result in better practices? We share the various “conditions” that have emerged from practices so far with reference to around 200 documents.
Speaker: Shinsuke Ouchi (Program Officer, Arts Council Tokyo)

(2)Comparing the flow of cultural policy: What happens over a 10-year period
We decipher the 10-year history of Tokyo Artpoint Project while being aware of the flow of cultural policy behind cultural projects. From there, we discuss the potential for practices generated by taking time and overlapping with the progress of cultural policies in other regions.

Guest: Kazuhiro Oniki (Yokohama City Culture and Tourism Bureau/ Culture Promotion Division / Facility Manager (chief researcher)

(3)What do artists make?
What do artists actually make? What happens in the field when multiple years are spent on projects? In cultural projects centering around creative activities that deal with new methods and unknown forms of expression, how should we talk about “art”? We unravel these issues from the scene of practice.
Guest: Wataru Asada (cultural activist)

Navigator: Risei Sato (Program Officer, Arts Council Tokyo)


People involved in art projects on the ground, or people interested in art projects, government officials, cultural facilities or foundations involved in cultural projects.

Participation fee

1,000 yen each session


About 30 persons each session
*Advance reservation required

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Please fill out the online form to reserve.

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(1)Monday, September 9 2019, 18:00
(2)Monday, September 16 2019, 18:00
(3)Tuesday, September 24 2019, 18:00


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