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TURN Meeting No.10

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Finding enjoyment in unknown territory

In TURN meetings, we think about and discuss possibilities for the TURN art project.
For this tenth TURN meeting, we discuss diversity found in words, and how to face up to new emotional territory.
Reiji Suzuki, director of Kapu Kapu Hikarigaoka assisted living facility, has created a space where local elderly and people with disability can socialize naturally at the facility’s coffee shop Kissa Kapu Kapu. Poet Kanayo Ueda launched “The Room for Voice, Words and Hearts (cocoroom)” a cafe and guest house in Osaka’s Kamagasaki neighborhood for day laborers and travelers. In community spaces rooted in local communities, Suzuki has created an environment which encourages an easy, good-natured relationship between customers and staff, and Ueda continues with activities that shape “poetry.” Placing importance on a little greeting or a few words as well as on “words” expressed through gestures and a sense of personal/emotional space may be the secret to unlocking the expressiveness and diversity of an individual person. Between talks you can enjoy a reading/story-telling session with Madam Bonjour JohnJ.

*This event will be conducted in Japanese.

Meeting schedule

13:00 Doors open, admission
13:30 Opening remarks
13:35 – 14:10
Keynote talk (1): Relationships that develop at Kissa Kapu Kapu
Speaker: Reiji Suzuki (director of Kapu Kapu assisted living facility/writer of theater)
14:10 – 14:45
Keynote talk (2): Words and expression engendered by NPO cocoroom
Speaker: Kanayo Ueda (poet / representative of NPO cocoroom)
14:45 – 14:55 Break
14:55 – 15:15 Performance
Performer: Madam Bonjour JohnJ (Drag queen)
15:15 – 16:15 Interactive discussion: Diversity found in “words”
Moderator: Chikara Fujiwara (critic, orangcosong art collective artist)
Speakers: Reiji Suzuki, Kanayo Ueda, Katsuhiko Hibino (TURN Supervisor/artist/ Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts & Professor, Department of Intermedia Art, Tokyo University of the Arts)
16:15 – 16:30 TURN developments for 2020
Speakers: Katsuhiko Hibino, Tsukasa Mori (TURN Project Director)


Reiji Suzuki
(director of Kapu Kapu assisted living facility/writer of theater)

(c) 村山康文
Kanayo Ueda
(poet / representative of NPO cocoroom)

Chikara Fujiwara
(critic, orangcosong art collective artist)

(c) Leslie Kee
Madam Bonjour JohnJ
(Drag queen)


*Advance reservation not required.
*Sign language and speech-to-text support available.


TURN Operation Headquarters
TEL:03-3824-9039 (10:00-17:15, Excluding weekends and holidays)


Classroom 109, 1F, Building 5, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts (12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Nonprofit organization Art's Embrace, Tokyo University of the Arts