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Fan Fan Club: Seeking members (Second term)

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Seeking members for Fan Fan Club! Confidently turning frustration and negativity into something enjoyable

For this year’s “Fan Fan Club,” together with participants we are exploring how to create a platform for the practice of the Fan Fan concept: dialogue to decipher unchallenged ideas.
In a total of six sessions, for the first three we share our innermost thoughts such as things we would like to stop and think about, or ideas that come to us on a daily basis, and make time to reexamine our own thoughts in encounters with thinking different from our own. Then in the last three sessions we each focus on a theme, aiming to make time to generate “learning for wellbeing” in a more practical manner through conducting research reports and discussions on what we found interesting, and experimenting to make everyday life a little more fun. “Fan Fan Club” this time around with its new members will be conducted entirely online. We would also like to think about enjoyable ways to communicate which are only possible online.

If you are at all interested pleased take the plunge and throw yourself into the world of Fan Fan!

Planned activities

“Knowing each other, knowing yourself” (First half: 2/13, 20,27)
You will use a variety of ways to introduce yourself and hold discussions, and take a closer look at your own interests with all the other members.

“Thinking more deeply and just experimenting” (Second half: 3/6, 13, 20)
Based on awareness gleaned from the first three sessions, we individually decide on a theme, and each member develops projects in the form of presentations, discussions, workshops etc. It may be possible to collaborate on projects rather than carry them out individually.

Creating the“Fan Fan Letter” newsletter using RISOGRAPH digital duplicators (biweekly)
Members will together produce “Fan Fan Letter,” the Fan Fan newsletter published twice a month. Ideas for articles and design will be considered together with members.

Activity period

February 13 – March 20, 2021, every Saturday afternoon (total of six sessions)
*Each session will last approximately two hours
*Schedules may change according to the availability of participating members.
*We may hold special sessions outside the above schedule.


*We will be using a free video chat tool


About 5 persons

Participation fee

*viewers responsible for internet costs

How to apply

Please fill the form here.

Application deadline
Monday, February 8 2021

Ideal for:

– People with topics they want to talk about in depth with someone
– People who have wondered what good “dialogue” means
– People with ideas for creating something with someone
– People who like crafts
– People who want to think about ways to enjoy conversation online
– People who basically like talking to different people
…and others who are excited to bring a variety of interests to the table and encounter new things/people!


Q1: Do I have to participate in every session?
A1: As there is a scheduled flow in place for all six sessions, you may not be able to fully enjoy the project if you miss a lot of sessions, but we will try and make up for absences as much as we can. If you are concerned that you may miss sessions, please consult us first.

Q2: Can I take part if I live outside Sumida-ku?
A2: Of course. We are holding this Fan Fan Club online so people who live far away are also welcome to join.

Q3: Can we choose any theme or method we want to develop further through Fan Fan Club?
A3: In principle participants can decide for themselves. However ideally, we would like you to get together with other members of Fan Fan club to talk over and think about which themes and methods to choose.

Q4: What sort of activities were involved in the first term of the project?
A4: For example, in response to a member who said they didn’t feel attached to the place where they lived and wanted to know what attachment meant for the other members, we put forward things we were attached to and together discussed the meaning of attachment. Another time, under the guidance of a members who would stand somewhere every day in his neighborhood and write things, each member stood somewhere in their neighborhood and talked about their impressions with the others. Also, in line with a proposal by a member interested in picture books we challenged ourselves to making various picture books ourselves…in all these activities we placed value on just going ahead and trying something if someone came up with something they wanted to try.
We will continue this basic approach in terms of the new recruitment period and hope we can create a forum for participating members to try out the things they want to do.

Q5: Will activities be held online only?
A5: All sessions during this round of recruitment will be conducted online. Participants will enjoy thinking not only about what to talk about, but also how to talk in the online environment.


Fantasia! Fantasia! Office

*Program details are subject to change.
*Your personal information will be handled as strictly confidential and used only to send you information from the organizer about this program.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Happy Hunch (General Incorporated Association)