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The Inherited Spirit of the Samurai Gin-ei and Ken-Shibu

  • Japanese Traditional Art ,
  • Performance

Performers recite a poem in a loud voice for Japanese poetic sentiment and dance in integrity.
Two traditional performing arts that samurai brought forth: Gin-ei and Ken-Shibu.
Gin-ei is a recitational art in which classical Chinese and Japanese (waka) poems are sonorously told, and Ken-Shibu, based on ancient Japanese martial arts, is a traditional dance to Gin-ei with swords and fans. Samurai is a title given to men of high spirituality and discipline fostered in feudal (Bushi) era which continued 700 years. We will introduce you to the fascinating world of Gin-ei and Ken-Shibu, both of which were influenced by samurai culture.


Risho Hayabuchi
Ran Kanda
Toru Fukuhara
and others


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