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Curriculums are easy to put together because you can choose lesson schedules year- round! We support a wide range of lesson planning with courses utilizing exhibition space, courses for appreciating architecture and outdoor sculpture, etc.

*Program details may change, or the program may be cancelled depending on any natural disasters and the situation concerning coronavirus.


– Elementary, junior high and high schools, special needs schools
(Individual clubs and classes may also apply/includes special needs classes)
– Around 10 schools a year
– Maximum 100 persons per school

Courses to choose from

  1. Exhibition Appreciation Course: Subject exhibitions under the program and course periods as follows (excluding Mondays, weekends and public holidays, and days when the museum is closed).
    (1)“Isamu Noguchi: Ways of Discovery”
    Tuesday, July 27 – Friday, August 27
    (2)“Walls & Bridges ― Touching the World, Living the World”
    Tuesday, July 27 – Friday, October 8
    (3)“Collecting Van Gogh: Helene Kröller-Müller’s Passion for Vincent’s Art”
    Tuesday, September 28 – Friday, December 10
    (4)“Ueno Artist Project 2021: “Everyday Life I am Reborn”
    Tuesday November 30 – Thursday, January 6, 2022
    (5)“Johannes Vermeer and the Dutch Masters of the Golden Age from the collection of the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden”
    Tuesday, February 1 – Thursday, March 31, 2022
  2. Outdoor Sculpture Appreciation & Architecture Exploration Course: (Excluding first and third Mondays of each month, weekends and public holidays, and days when the museum is closed)
    An appreciation program allowing participants to experience the delights of Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museums’s outdoor sculptures, and architecture designed by one of the greats of modern architecture, Kunio Maekawa. Enjoy a sense of exploration as you look around the museum, taking your time to savor the permanent collection of outdoor sculptures.
  3. ★ Online Classes & Park Exploration Course: Limited-participation study classes
    Under a blended learning approach, participants receive a preliminary online introduction to Ueno Park facilities and take virtual classes in artwork appreciation before actually visiting Ueno Park and receiving a Museum Starter Pack.
    Target participants: Junior high and high school students
    (This program will only run if we receive interest).

Application period

For July-August: By Thursday, June 23, 2021
For September-December: By Thursday, July 1, 2021
For January-March 2022: By Wednesday, December 1, 2021
*If there are openings, we will accept applications on a first-come-first-served basis up to one month before the desired date.

Please click here for the application form.


Museum Start i-Ueno (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum & Tokyo University of the Arts)
TEL: 03-3823-6921 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum office)


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum


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Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo University of the Arts
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