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The Beauty of Japan and a Feast of Traditional Performing Arts: FUJIYAMA

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Enjoy New Year at Meijiza!
Kanjuro Fujima and Karoku Yanagiya present a new form of traditional arts entertainment

The only chance to experience the new dance pieces, one entitled “Hachigome (Eighth station of the mountain)” based on one of the symbols of Japanese beauty, Mt.Fuji(FUJIYAMA), and a traditional dance/sword fight combination entitled “Yamato Takeru Tsurugi no Isaoshi”. Kanjuro Fujima introduces a star-studded cast for this performance, while Karoku Yanagiya will present a new Rakugo (tradition of comic story telling) performance on the theme of the New Year. Yaji and Kita, characters from the 19th century comic novel Tokai Dochu Hizakurige, present the show in a way that makes it easy to understand. There will be an “experience area” in the theater, featuring lion dance and other New Year traditions.


Kanjuro Fujima, Kichizo Wakayagi, Kikunojo Onoe, Botan Ichikawa, Karoku Yanagiya, etc.


【On sale: Friday, September 4】
S seat: 5,000 yen (Student: 2,500 yen)
A seat: 3,000 yen (Student: 1,500 yen)
*All seats reserved


Tokyo Traditional Office, Arts Council Tokyo (10:00 ~ 18:00)
TEL:03-5369-4541 FAX:03-3225-1006





Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Supported and Cooperated by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Supported by
The Asahi Shimbun Company
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