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Radu Stanca National Theatre from Sibiu “Gulliver’s Travels”

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Making a long-awaited return to Japan after a two-year hiatus is Radu Stanca National Theatre in Romania, principle theater from the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Europe’s third most important theater festival along with Edinburgh and Avignon.

Taking his inspiration from Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift’s fantasy novel interwoven with scathing social satire, Silviu Purcărete has created a performance piece that could almost be called a great lyric poem.
It starts as the story of Swift’s own later years, to the narration of a passage from Gulliver’s Travels Part IV: A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms, which sees the appearance of the Houyhnhnms, a noble and intelligent race in the form of horses, and the evil and foul Yahoos (human beings). Women dressed as horses come and go on stage; there are real live horses; children symbolizing innocence; men clad in suits with briefcases. Its various themes of human loneliness and egoism together with class consciousness are strikingly portrayed using diverse techniques like light and shade projected onto screens, and music by Shaun Davey.
This grotesque yet beautifully whimsical production so characteristic of Purcărete’s directing style has attracted plenty of attention: after performances at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2012 it also received a positive response at Edinburgh International Festival.

*Performed in Romanian with Japanese and English subtitles


Silviu Purcărete


Adult: 5,500 yen (S seat), 4,500 yen (A seat)
25 or younger: 3,000 yen (A)
65 or older: 5,000 yen (S)
High School Students: 1,000 yen

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*For guest with disabilities: Discount ticket for (S) and (A) available with free ticket for up to 1 attendant. Please contact Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office for more details.

Set of (S) tickets for OIDIP and GULLIVER’S TRAVELS: 10,000 yen
*All seats reserved. Tax included

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