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Ei Wada "Electronicos Fantasticos!" First Ensemble Encounter

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Electronicos Fantasticos! is the brainchild of the artist Ei Wada, who has created unique musical instruments using old electrical appliances. In this program, Wada will involve all kinds of people as he creates novel musical instruments, mass producing them and weaving them into his performances to gradually create a whole orchestra.

The “seeds of Electronicos” came from conversation and sketches with visitors to the first work-in-residence that began in February this year.
In July’s open brainstorming for “Nicos,” Wada, together with instrumentalists and electronics experts, considered how to turn those “seeds” into actual performance. In October the second work-in-residence will be held, and the ideas will finally become musical instruments and be produced en masse. Then in November at Close Encounter of the Electronicos Fantasticos! Wada plans to showcase ensembles for “Black rotary dial telephone rhythm machine,” “Ventilation fan sizer” and “Drum-type washing machine drums,” works which resulted from incorporating everybody’s ideas. The idea is to open a forum where people can have a new “encounter.” Come and let yourself get sucked into the whirlpool of the En-Cyclepedia movement, which has gathered pace since its leisurely start.

Ei Wada
A musician and performance/formative artist born in 1987, Wada combines outmoded electrical appliances and computers to create and perform works of music and art. From 2009 he began the formation of Open Reel Ensemble, a group playing modified reel-to-reel tape recorders. His activities range widely from concerts to CD/DVD and book publishing, as well as providing music for movies and fashion shows. At the end of 2013 he put together the Open Reel Orchestra with twenty reel-to reel tape recorders, and Wada leading orchestra members recruited from the public. On September 2 this year he released his second album “Vocal Code” featuring guests Tavito Nanao, Shota Mori and others. His Braun Tube Jazz Band project featuring performances utilizing CRT televisions, and the installation piece “Toki Ori Ori Nasu –Falling Records–” have received awards in the Japan Media Arts Festival, organized by Japan’s Agency of Cultural Affairs. Performances and exhibitions in other countries are also in development.

*The English subtitle for the event was previously announced as the following: “─ Close Encounter of the Electronicos Fantasticos! ─.” It has now been changed to: “First Ensemble Encounter.”


2,000 yen(General)
1,000 yen(Student)
Free (Elementary school students and under)

*Advance reservations required.
*This event will be conducted in Japanese.


Please contact with Topping East office by the contact form on the official website.


Asahi Art Square


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Topping East (NPO)