Grant Applications Now Open for 2nd Term of FY2018 Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant

Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) announces that the applications for the Second term of the FY2018 Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant opens from August 20, 2018.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Arts Council Tokyo (ACT) are carrying out various Cultural Programs ahead of Tokyo 2020. Tokyo is expected to attract most attention domestically and internationally for the 6-month period starting April 2020, and the series of Cultural Programs held during this time will collectively be named “Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL”. This aims to generate wide opportunities for the citizens to engage with Cultural Programs and pass down the legacy to future generations. As part of this effort, Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant (formerly known as Tokyo Cultural Program Grant) will provide support to variety of projects delivered by cultural/artistic organizations, private institutions and corporates to build on the momentum of 2020 and promote Tokyo as a city of artistic/cultural attractions. Selected projects shall be positioned as part of the Cultural Programs leading up to 2020.

Full press release (PDF) is available here.
Grant Applications Now Open for Tokyo Cultural Programs 2nd Term of FY2018 Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Grant

Please see here for the application guideline (English summary).

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