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Tokyo Art Meeting(Ⅲ)
Art and Music-Search for New 'Synesthesia'

Music and the visual arts have shared a close relationship with each other over the course of their evolution.

Today, the development of digital technology has made it possible to break an image down into pixels that can be processed as symbols or numerical values;
sound can also be composed visually on a PC display, so it can be said that in their creative processes, art and music have drawn closer to each other.
We have invited composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, in the role of general advisor for this exhibition, in which we will introduce various works
deriving from the intersection and coordination of these two forms of expression, while questioning the fundamental meaning of the acts of
‘looking’ and ‘listening’ in ‘our times’.


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0022 Japan
TEL: 03-5245-4111(General Information)

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 1F, B2F

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