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Geigeki Selection

This program includes performances by emerging theater directors as well as stagings of various performing arts and workshops. This year’s line up includes the globally-active director Robert Lepage himself appearing in one-man show “Robert Lepage’s 887”, and up-and-coming dance theater creator Shuji Onodera directing a work based on a 1980s masterpiece by Juichiro Takeuchi, “Roots Vol. 04 ‘Ano ookarasu sae mo’” (provisional title).


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

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Street Artist Academy

“Street Artist Academy” is held with the aims of producing street performers who will transform the urban environment and provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences to people moving about the city

Children Launching Project

A group of adults including playwright, actor and director Hideto Iwai, actor in TV and film; and dancer Mirai Moriyama and musician, singer, song writer, and actor in film Kenta Maeno take children’s whimsical ideas and flashes of inspiration, and rush about trying to turn them into a polished theatrical production.

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