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Museum Start “i-Ueno”

This educational program for the 21st century aims to create new opportunities for learning through partnerships between museums, university, local government, and citizens. In this “Learning Design Project” facilitated by Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Tokyo University of the Arts, nine cultural and educational facilities located around Ueno Park are working together to help children to make their “museum debut,” as well as creating an active learning environment in which children and adults can learn from one another.


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, cultural facilities in Ueno Park

Events Information

Family & Teens Program

This program taking place at nine museums in Ueno Park will improve children’s powers of thinking and sensitivity through cross-discipline learning in the fields of science, history, art, etc., and cultivate the ability of children and adults to engage in trans-generational dialogue together.
This is an active learning program with which participants can acquire the ability to learn in an independent and exploratory manner, helping them find their own answers to contemporary challenges.

School Programs

Children / school students can experience museums for the first time through active learning activities based on curriculum guidelines. There are two types of program: the “Special Monday” program held on specified days when participants are able to experience and appreciate artworks with the exclusive use of exhibition space; and the “Welcome to Ueno” program which allows a choice of lesson schedule and supports a wide range of courses. These programs support all aspects of the process, from pre-learning in class to post-activity learning.

Diversity Program

This program allows children with different family circumstances and from diverse cultural backgrounds to enjoy museums. It addresses museum accessibility issues with activities designed to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers.

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