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Beyond Invisible Borders

Tokyo is home to many foreign residents and people with roots overseas. Based on the hypothesis that various “walls” in Tokyo have been made invisible, this project considers the “invisible borders.” We aim to create places and opportunities that generate everyday encounters as we explore the “boundaries between individuals and others/society/the world” and their attendant problems as perceived by people living in Tokyo, and particularly those with roots overseas.


Setagaya City, etc.


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), shelf Association (General Incorporated Association)

Events Information

kyodo 20_30

kyodo 20_30 is an art project developed with ‘Player’ participants mainly between 20 and 30 years old, the people who will be responsible for Tokyo/Japanese society in 10 years’ time in 2030.
Based in Kyodo in Setagaya-ku, the program aims to create an organic “community” (kyodotai) in which diverse people can enjoy leisurely interaction with each other regardless of nationality, language, culture, etc., as they collaborate (kyodo) together.

Discussion program (Ways to go beyond borders)

In this program we use discussion to explore ways to unravel the challenges and the different perspectives on issues surrounding multicultural coexistence.
Together with guest experts involved in race, land, and language on the frontlines, we look into “invisible walls.”

kyodo 20_30 records

We will develop a recording method for kyodo20_30 project activities for project publicity and verification, compiling activity processes and outcomes in a book (with illustrations and text), in video and online content, etc. We aim to develop a recording method that will act as a milestone, a model case, and an indicator for international co-productions in Tokyo in future, rather than simply be a record in the form of an archive.



  • 旗を立てる―「東京で(国)境をこえる」3年間の記録

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