What we do

Koganei Artfull Action!

By creating opportunities for local citizens to encounter art on the streets of Koganei, this project aims to give them the chance to pursue new, spiritually richer ways of living. It will facilitate efforts to spur community development through arts and culture, and create opportunities for the public to become involved in various programs.


Koganei City, etc


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Koganei City, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Artfull Action (NPO)

Events Information

Creative expression by citizens utilizing local resources (Community Cooperation Lab)

Implementation of citizen-driven workshops
Citizens and artists collaborate to develop projects based on local culture, historical background and the characteristics of local natural assets. We hold workshops in which participants think about creative expression itself, and carry out research on places that become activity hubs.
•Film memory ‘champon’ club
•Talk series “Public lecture: opening dialog”

Experimental activities related to children’s learning
How could thinking of schools as museums change children’s learning and schools? In cooperation with educational institutions we examine case studies and antecedents, carry out research on children’s learning, etc.
•Higashimurayama Minamidai Elementary School

Programs that visualize results

We convey and archive our projects through newsletters and brochures/pamphlets presenting aspects of what we do.

Programs in cooperation with schools

This is a program of expressive workshops with artists in city preschools and elementary schools. Implemented in collaboration with city education institutions together with artists and a staff made up of citizens, these workshops run on themes tailored to the individuality of the children and the issues of the particular school.
• Honcho Elementary School, Koganei City
•Midori Elementary School, Koganei City
•Maehara Elementary School, Koganei City

Human resources development program

Our programs act as training grounds for citizens from a variety of different backgrounds, as they repeatedly learn and put their learning into practice, sharing their diverse experiences as they go. We provide working spaces and opportunities for citizen staff members and interns, and also carry out guest-accompanied workshops for improving skills, and courses for participants to mull over the meaning and significance of our activities.



  • 「やってみる、たちどまる、そしてまたはじめる」小金井アートフル・アクション!2009-2017活動記録

    .PDF (8.9 MB)

  • わたしの人権の森―東村山市南台小学校図工科活動の記録 二〇一九年三月

    .PDF (6.3 MB)


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