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Relight Project

This project is seeking the relighting of the public artwork Counter Void in Roppongi’s Keyakizaka. In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the artist Tatsuo Miyajima switched off the work that he had created. This project will feature a variety of programs aimed at this work’s rebirth as an installation that sustains memories of 3.11 and continues to pose questions to society.


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Events Information

Relight Days

Relight Days is a three-day event that aims to explore future ways of life and what it is to be human through an interactive program and series of talks planned by the Relight Committee*, starting with the relighting of Tatsuo Miyajima’s public artwork “Counter Void” for the first time in five years.

Relight Project kick off!!

The project kick-off is a workshop program in which a message is shown on the wall of the public artwork “Counter Void,” located on Roppongi’s Keyakizaka, and participants write down and share on the Internet their own feelings and thoughts in response to the question posed by this work.

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