What we do

TOKYO PAPER for Culture

Published quarterly since 2013, the TOKYO PAPER for Culture is a free newspaper that seeks to convey the diversity of and possibilities for culture in Tokyo, particularly in the context of initiatives promoted by Arts Council Tokyo.

Its aim is to know, deepen, and enhance the culture of Tokyo.
The paper itself is designed to be a kind of virtual “cultural research institute,” studying approaches to culture in Tokyo from a variety of angles through interviews and photography.

The online magazine was launched from the 12th issue as a means of making the TOKYO PAPER for Culture more enjoyable and accessible. We plan to include some additional elements that give it a slightly different appeal from the paper edition.


50,000 copies


Bilingual (English-Japanese)

Distribution points

For major distribution points, please refer to “Where to find” on the online magazine website.
*The period of placement is different at each distribution point.
*Availability ends when copies run out.