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Nihon Sankyoku Association annual performance
2nd Nihon no hibiki

  • Organization : Nihon Sankyoku Association
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This concert series is a top-drawer performance of both classic and contemporary pieces of Japanese sankyoku music by core members of the Nihon Sankyoku Association.
Sankyoku is a form of Japanese chamber music featuring vocals, koto (Japanese zither), shamisen (Japanese lute), and shakuhachi (Japanese flute). The richly-varied program comprises eight pieces from classic to contemporary, including Meiji Shouchikubai (representative koto duo piece in Meiji period), Hanago (comical piece for large size ensemble and voices based on Kyougen), Jaku (contemporary music in early 20th century), and septet for Japanese traditional instruments (commissioned for this concert).
The concert features a line-up of top musicians from the Nihon Sankyoku Assocation including Living National Treasures Fumiko Yonekawa (Honorary President), Shouin Yamase (Honorary President), and Seikin Tomiyama (Vice President), as well as Junsuke Kawase (President), Shouin Hagioka (Vice President), Hiroko Nakanoshima (Executive Director, the same applies hereinafter), Shouji Aoki, Souju Nosaka, Toshiko Yonekawa and others, plus next-generation young performers.


【Nihon Sankyoku Association】
The Association works towards the promotion and promulgation of the koto, shamisen and shakuhachi, and towards exchange between the various schools of sankyoku. Through these efforts, the aim is to contribute to the promotion of Japanese traditional arts and the development of traditional Japanese music culture. Specific activities centering around public interest enterprise include performances such as Nihon no hibiki and the regular concert series Sankyoku meiryu ensoukai; the Association’s educational arm which consists of school visits by performing musicians and short courses for teachers about traditional Japanese instruments; and its young performer fostering programs such as the Sankyoku Shorei Kai and the Kodomo Ensoukai. At the end of fiscal 2014 the Association’s membership stood at 5,400, centered around the Kanto region.


Yusuke Suzuki
Nihon Sankyoku Association
Peal Akasaka #403, 2-15-12, Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo 107-0052


National Theatre (Small Theatre)(Chiyouda City, Tokyo)