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TAKAICHI, Gahoo KOTO Recital IX “on the boat”

  • Organization : TAKAICHI, Gahoo
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Man has come to have a special regard for the ship, which carries people and cargo over the waters of oceans, rivers and lakes that man cannot cross on foot, and which has become the image of the vessel that transports souls from this world to the next. With “on the boat” and “conveying” as keywords, this recital hopes to open new territory for music featuring the koto, sangen, 17-stringed Koto and shakuhachi.

“Kareno for solo koto” (composed by Kenjiro Urata)
“Buson’s Touka” (poem by Yosano Buson, music by Yasuko Nakashima)
“Poème I for shakuhachi and koto” (composed by Teizo Matsumura)
“Tono” (words by Kunio Yanagita, music by Shin-ichi Yuize)
“Sumida-gawa” (words by Makiko Asano, music by Sachio Suginuma)

Gahoo Takaichi (koto (so), sangen, 17-stringed koto, vocals)
Shozan Tanabe (shakuhachi)


Gahoo Takaichi
Qualified as Master of Seiha Hogaku-Kai, and passed the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Traditional Music Audition. Graduated from the NHK training program for young performers of traditional Japanese instruments (NHK Hogaku Ginosha Ikuseikai). Received an award for excellence as a quartet member in the ninth Nagatani Kengyo Memorial, National Japanese Music Competition. Completed the Agency for Cultural Affair’s program of study for upcoming artists in Japan. As well stage performing, recording and teaching, she also creates and supervises Japanese traditional music experience projects with support from the Children’s Dream Fund and the Agency for Cultural Affairs amongst others.


Koto and Shamisen player


JT Art Hall Affinis (Minato City,Tokyo)