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Higashikurume Art Project vol.1
Maki Ohkojima paints the ceiling piture on Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine.
《Banquet of whole creatures.》

  • Organization : Higashikurume Art Project
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Higashikurume, with its many rivers and natural springs, has been a human habitat for approximately 30,000 years—and remnants of the Paleolithic Age still dot the area. Currently home to around 70 live springs, Higashikurume provides the ideal setting for an exhibition of ceiling murals by local artist Maki Ohkojima.
The Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine is the guardian of an ancient spring of cool, clear water that has nourished the community for centuries, giving Ohkojima’s works—ruminations on “the sources of life”—a rich, symbolic backdrop.


【Higashikurume Art Project】
The Higashikurume Art Project aims to provide memorable artistic and cultural experiences to children in Higashikurume, which does not currently have any art museums within its city limits. Despite lacking any formal artistic training, the project members have come together through their work in various fields to create and promote an art project that draws on their respective specialties.


Higashikurume Art Project


Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine
(Higashikurume City, Tokyo)