What we do

Hospital Theatre Project 2015

  • Organization : Theatre Planning Network
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The “Hospital Theatre Project” delivers theatrical experiences to kids whose disabilities or illnesses prevent them from enjoying dramatic arts in standard theater settings. In hopes of sparking kids’ curiosity, enlivening their imaginations, and providing a forum for getting social and aesthetic exposure, the project breaks down the barriers that can be alienating young people between the stage and the audience to create free-wheeling, welcoming performances that put an emphasis on open participation. In addition to touring day service facilities for disabled children, the project also organizes “open days” for children with disabilities, their families, researchers, and performers at the Hosen College of Childhood Education.


【Theatre Planning Network】
TPN is a non-profit organisation of human network, working for performing arts in Japan and abroad. Since July 1998, TPN has been hosting and coordinating various seminar, symposium and workshops on actors training, drama education, and arts management training with international perspectives. In 2011 TPN set up two producing unit; Hospital Theatre Project and TPN Plays & Players. Director: Kaori Nakayama(Producer, Translator, Drama Education Advisor)


Kaori Nakayama (Ms)
Chief Executive
Theatre Planning Network
#202 1-33-43 Wakaba-cho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0003


Nerima Palette (Nerima City, Tokyo), Hohoemi Kyodo (Setagaya City, Tokyo), Dai 2 Mochino-ki (Itabashi City, Tokyo), Minami-suna Zosankurabu (Koto City, Tokyo), Ayumi-no-ie (Shinjuku City, Tokyo), Kodomo Kyoiku Hosen University (Nakano City, Tokyo)