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Akikazu Nakamura Seventeenth Recital
The world of the komuso shakuhachi
-The Myoan Shinpo school, the evolution of Sanya-

  • Organization : SOUND POT Co., Ltd.
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Unlike rhythm-oriented Western music, Komuso shakuhachi music seems to encapsulate the unique music of Japan, with its variations in timbre. This music is dying out as a result of Westernization.
The Myoan Shinpo school is considered the oldest, and forms the root of Komuso music. However there are currently only two people able to pass it on.
Shakuhachi performer Akikazu Nakamura personally consulted these last inheritors of tradition and revived these honkyoku (pieces from the classical shakuhachi repertoire), presented here on stage for the first time. The performance will also welcome Komuso monks affiliated with Echigo Myoanji temple, the center of komuso shakuhachi culture, who will reenact a traditional Neri ritual.
A shakuhachi performance will also trace the evolution of the piece Sanya after it spread to other regions from its origins in Echigo.

Performer: Akikazu Nakamura
Guests: Members of the Echigo Myoan School of Shakuhachi Preservation Society


【Akikazu Nakamura】
Akikazu Nakamura’s shakuhachi performance is highly praised not only in traditional Japanese music komuso shakuhachi, but also in jazz and rock. Its musicality is also well-recognized among artistic scenes of contemporary improvisation.
Considered as the leading musician for circular breathing, multiple stopping, overtones, and the ancient Japanese breathing technique Missoku, he has been performing in 40 different countries, 150 different cities and continues to play around the world.


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Yomiuri Otemachi Hall (Chiyoda City, Tokyo)