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  • Organization : Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


“Interdisciplinary Art” is the art which is not classed to categories to cross over genre or fields. Artists who mainly act in genre of theater, video, music, puppets show and etc. gather and express their genreless/borderless art works and performances at many places in Tokyo and Taiwan for this art festival. IAFT is happy to announce to participate in OSMOSIS Fest (Taiwan) August 2016. The program will be shown based on IAFT15/16’s exhibition, video program and performance. IAFT will also do a performance and film program in Tokyo same as Taiwan’s after OSMOSIS fest around 2016 autumn. Details of project are informed on web site.


【Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo】
It was founded in 2014 to break down the situation that places and audiences are fixed to a certain genre and create new values and audience from the viewpoint of Interdisciplinary Art. It features the artists who are crossing over genres and has dynamic art projects that are suitable for contemporary society.


Sung Nam HAN
Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo


Cultural and Creative district of Taiwan Power Company(Taipei), Waley Art space(Taipei), Thinkers’Theatre(Taipei), The Pier-2 Art Center(Kaohsiung), Live warehouse(Kaohsiung), 89 PIER-2 CINEMA(Kaohsiung), Kaohsiung experimental theatre(Kaohsiung) and other places in Tokyo