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Hey God, Job is calling you!

  • Organization : Bird Park
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The work withdraws its motifs from “The Book of Job”, writings in the old testaments that deal with the “sufferings of the good”. God imposes sufferings on a man that has lived a good life from any aspect, only to test his faith. This is extremely absurd, but maybe, this absurdity could be means to reach recognition of all of those who exist, free from preexisting measurements.

In the highly advanced capitalist societies of today, we find value only in what is measurable, or what can be traded for something of equal quality. But living in a world where validation only comes from competition is very painful. Today, words like “Performance-based”, “self-supporting”, “self-responsibility” accelerate intolerance and prejudice towards the oppressed. This work deals with the value that lies in “existence” itself.

Writer & director: Kaori Nishio
Performers: Shoko Takei, Kosuke Asai (Wasshoi House), Mika Kuroiwa (Kirin Bazooka), Akira Torishima (Haegiwa), Keita Yamashina


【Bird Park】
Formed by playwright and director Kaori Nishio in July 2007.
From a slightly deadpan angle, Bird Park seeks to shine a soft spotlight onto those who still manage to exist despite straying from the path of what is “right.”
Its performances are characterized by persistent efforts to create encounters with “existing despite the odds.”
Based in Tokyo, the company also actively undertakes artist residencies in various locations.


Saeko Hagiya
Bird Park


Komaba Agora Theater(Meguro City,Tokyo)