What we do


  • Organization : BED&MAKINGS
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This show is an opening for a new theatre, Asakusa Kyugeki which will open in February 2017. This is based on the true story about the first kissing scene in the history of Japanese movies. This is a play about the two actors triggered a sensation of love in Japanese society, a director trying to win the title of the first Japanese film director directing kissing scene, GHQ trying to penetrate American culture with kiss and all people struggling to recover after WWII. The play is all about the value and also stupidness of love.

<Playwright and Director>
MItsunori Fukuhara

Norito Yashima
Umika Kawashima
Marie Machida
Sasuke Otsuru
Koichiro Tomioka
Akira Yamamoto

Music:Shunsuke Wada
Stage design:Michiko Inada
Sound design:Ken Takashio
Lighting design:Shinichiro Saito
Costume:Ayuko Takagi
Hair&Make:Miyuki Ootakara
Assistant direktor:Asami Irikura
Stage Manager:Ryohei Kaneyasu
Producer:Kenichi Kasahara


BED&MAKINGS is a theatre company founded and run by an actor, Koichiro Tomioka and a playwright and director, Mitsunori Fukuhara. Tomioka and Fukuhara, considering themselves as shy but idealists, set up the company to try making this world full of contradictions easier and better for us to live. A name of the company comes from “bed making” and they compare theatre to bed. It means that what they’d like to achieve is to give life to theatres and also to create space for theatre from non-theatre space. Other than ordinary theatre space including round theatre, they have produced the shows at warehouse, outdoor space. And the theme of their creation is “restoration of imagination.”




Asakusa kyugeki theater(Taito City, Tokyo)