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Hougaku Hijirikai No19

  • Organization : Teruhisa Fukuda
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Teruhisa Fukuda (shakuhachi) and Shiho Kineya (shamisen) present the 19th Hougaku Hijirikai, with Mineko Hayashi (koto) as a guest musician. After showcasing “tradition” with two solo performances of Hijiricho Ajikan (shakuhachi) and Shin Kinuta (shamisen), the performers will play new works by Akira Tamba, Masao Endo, Koji Izumi, and Wataru Miyagawa. Tamba’s new piece “Oto no Kansho 10” (Interference 10) is for a traditional sankyoku form (shakuhachi, shamisen, and koto), while the pieces by Endo, Izumi, and Miyagawa are for shakuhachi and shamisen—an extremely rare ensemble arrangement that boasts a wealth of untapped artistic potential. The shamisen “sings” in a voice that rings with a strong sense of tradition. Hougaku Hijirikai No19 provides a unique opportunity to encounter the sounds of the Japanese heritage, pass on the traditional music that has maintained its storied lineage through people, culture, and the passage of time, and see how contemporary composers are crafting new possibilities for traditional music.


【Teruhisa Fukuda (shakuhachi) and Shiho Kineya (shamisen)】
Teruhisa Fukuda (shakuhachi) and Shiho Kineya (shamisen) have been active on the music scene since 1986, performing new pieces that showcase composers, premiering works for Japanese instruments, and collaborating with other artists along the way. In 1999, the two participated in “Music from Japan” tour to the United States and Canada. They then formed the “Hougaku Hijirikai” in 2002, with composer Akira Tamba serving as musical director. In addition to presenting a series of concerts of “Tradition and Innovation” in Tokyo and France, Fukuda and Kineya also give lectures on traditional Japanese music, and even record CDs for Radio France. The duo has also recently been performing frequently in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea, where they meet and play with fellow performers and students in the fine arts.


Teruhisa Fukuda


Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall (Shinjuku City)