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Performance by Integrated Dance Company Kyo

  • Organization : Creative Art Executive Committee
  • Section : Collaboration
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Japan’s first integrated dance company, consisting of dancers with and without disabilities. Using their diverse bodies, the members of this company are opening up new realms in contemporary dance. Takiko Iwabuchi and Yukio Suzuki serve as artistic directors of the company, who presents works each choreographed. The first performance, on February 28 and March 1, 2015 at Asahi Art Square, will feature a work choreographed by Yukio Suzuki. In July, the company plans to perform a work choreographed by Adam Benjamin, formerly joint artistic director of Britain’s Candoco Dance Company. As well as performances, the company intends to organize workshops for people with a range of disabilities.


【Creative Art Executive Committee】
Established in May 1990 to help people with disabilities to express themselves through art and to use this as the starting point for exploring new artistic possibilities. It subsequently began running activities that also included people other than those with disabilities, pursuing new approaches to society by involving a diverse range of people in artistic activities, irrespective of differences in age, gender, or ethnicity. In June 2014, as well as its hands-on activities and art projects, the Committee founded the Integrated Dance Company-Kyo to pioneer new forms of expression through dance, using diverse physiques. It is coming under the spotlight as an initiative that integrates society with art.


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Asahi Art Square (Sumida City, Tokyo)