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YOUKIZA  Japan-Vietnam Cultural Exchange Program - 380 years of history
Edo marionette theater YOUKIZA lecture and workshop, plus classical performance

  • Organization : YOUKIZA
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater, Japanese Traditional Art


The 380-year old Edo marionette theater troupe YOUKIZA, designated as a national Intangible Folk Cultural Property and Tokyo Cultural Property, will hold a lecture and workshop with a classical performance in Vietnam. The performance will be a Sanbaso Noh dance, a Kotobuki jishi lion dance, Tsunayakata Kabuki music and an extract of the Bunraku puppetry play Date musume koi no higanoko.
It will be the first time Edo puppetry has been introduced and performed in Vietnam. Aiming to help popularize the art, the event is targeted at both those involved in theatrical arts and ordinary Vietnamese.
Additionally, this Japan-Vietnam exchange program paves the way for a contemporary theat performance by a Japan-Vietnam joint production scheduled to take place next year. While the introduction of Edo Marionette Theater YOUKIZA as traditional art is pivotal, this exchange program also features a contemporary theater workshop coordinated by the stage director/producer Yoji Sakate ahead of the international coproduction.


Public Interest Incorporated Foundation YOUKIZA
Since its Edo period founding in 1635 by Youki Magosaburou I to current troupe leader Magosaburou XII, puppetry theater group YOUKIZA boasts a 380-year old history. It is designated as a national Intangible Folk Cultural Property and Tokyo Cultural Property. With classical puppetry as its core, YOUKIZA is involved in a broad range of activities including the staging of new works, utsushi-e traditional magic lantern shows, and international coproductions. In addition, YOUKIZA conducts hands-on workshops for all ages in order to educate the next generation and promulgate its art. YOUKIZA also runs longer and comprehensive entry-level courses designed for would-be professionals.


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