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Total Health Care for Artists

  • Organization : Total Health Care for Artists Japan
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


This project aims to take place the seminar series “Health Care Seminar vol.10” which provide vital supports of physical and mental condition for performing artists, and the symposium “Performing Arts Wellness Day 2015” attended by professional therapists and trainers. Both aims to offer an occasion that artists meet useful treatments and trainings that helps maximizing artists ability and to contribute promotion and development of artists health care applied to diverse of artists and needs.

Health Care Seminar vol. 10
This seminar provides a multifaceted program and support for answers to individual problems. It includes workshops in which attendees can try out conditioning methods, lectures on how to deal with injuries as they occur, and one-to-one consultations with doctors who are able to offer medical examinations designed for performing artists.

Performing Arts Wellness Day 2015
The former chairman of the Performing Arts Medicine Association, which works towards wider healthcare for performing artists, will be invited to a seminar held to discuss issues such as the care and the environment necessary for the physical and mental support of performing artists. The discussion, which will welcome a panel of specialists dedicated to the performing artists of Japan and their therapy, provides an opportunity to work towards strengthening the foundation of health care as a bolster to artists’ skill enhancement, and bettering the working environment for performing artists.

Keynote Speaker
John Chong
Former President of the Performing Arts Medicine Association
Medical Director, Musicians’ Clinics of Canada


【Total Health Care for Artists Japan】
Total Health Care for Artists Japan is a nonprofit organization supporting performing artists from a healthcare perspective. Its objective is the development and expansion of useful healthcare enabling artists to continue active work and optimize their skills.
The organization provides support by putting injured artists in touch with people such as medical practitioners and assisting with treatment costs, as well as implementing surveys and research. In addition, its seminars and workshops are not only geared for performing artists but they also provide an opportunity for information-sharing among health care providers, instructors and the like, with the aim of enhancing treatment and training particular to performing artists. In this way, Total Health Care for Artists Japan focusses on building a network linking artists, health care workers and instructors.


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