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  • Organization : Hakuju Hall (Hakuju Institute for Health Science Co.,Ltd.)
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


Centering on music, Art×Art×Art is a series of collaborative projects across different fields designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity. The second project aim is to create a radically new art form encompassing music, dance, and photography.

The creation primarily consists of an uplifting composition by Steve Reich to uplift listeners, and features a clear and brilliant tune by Arvo Pärt. This world of music is interwoven with the marimba played by Kuniko Kato, live photo shots by Yuriko Takagi, as well as a dance by Ikuyo Kuroda, in the first half of the piece. This is followed by another dance performed by Megumi Nakamura in the second half.

These three different elements uniquely convey the sometimes forlorn energy. The experience reminds viewers of a tetrahedron: a four-faceted object consisting of triangles or a triangle pyramid consisting of four facets, and the four apexes are where three of the facets meet.
The one-off evening performance by the four women shape and demonstrate the invisible tetrahedron leaving viewers with an unforgettable memory.


Hakuju Institute for Health Science Co., Ltd.
Hakuju Hall is operated by Hakuju Institute for Health Science which has offered a comprehensive development for health for over 80 years since 1925. The institute’s philosophy is, Align three pillars of health: food, exercise, and mind. With its belief that music and good space help people reduce stress, the institute created Hakuju Hall in 2003, and put its philosophy into action.


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Hakuju Hall (Shibuya City, Tokyo)