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“La Métamorphose version Androïde” European Tour

  • Organization : Agora Planning, Ltd.
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Metamorphose, the master piece of Franz Kafka, describes the irrationalness of human existence, and is regarded as a pioneer work of the irrational and existentialist literature. This production is an adaption of the Metamorphose by actors and an android. Our plays using robots and androids in collaboration with the Osaka University entered its fifth year with this being its sixth production. Plans to participate in the Automne en Normandie, and to perform in many places in Europe including Normandy are underway. A hundred years has passed since Kafka wrote the Metamorphose, a true masterpiece that has been filmed and staged many times. Our recreation is a totally new Metamorphose tat features a leading edge android.


Seinendan Theatre Company
The Seinendan Theatre Company was established in 1983 by Oriza Hirata. The company’s quiet and refined staging and directing method has won high praise in Japan and overseas. In 2007, a joint project with the Centre Dramatique de Thionville-Lorraine; Chants d’Adieu (Farewell Song) had a long run in theaters in France. Since then, Seinendan has made many joint productions with French directors. Since 2008, the company has produced plays that have human actors along side robots in collaboration with the Osaka University. In 2012, Three Sisters, Android Version, earned aclaim and its performances have been repeated both in Japan and overseas, with strong attention from various leading edge groups including from science and art.


Yoko Nishiyama
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TRAFÓ House of Contemporary Arts(Budapest)
Théâtre de la Foudre, Centre Dramatique National de Haute-Normandie (Rouen)
Le TAP – Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers, Scène Nationale (Poitiers)
Espace Jean Legendre, Compiègne – Scène Nationale de l’Oise en prefiguration(Compiègne)