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Harmonica Creams EU tour 2014

  • Organization : Harmonica Creams
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


A Celtic blues band, Harmonica Creams had a European festival tour in 2013 at the invitation of a Celtic music festival to perform to an audience of 150,000. The band will have a concert & workshop tour in the Spanish Celtic region, Asturias in Galicia in 2014 (three cities, four performances and two workshops).
The band has plans for 2014 that include a joint recording and creation session with leading Celtic musicians from Spain, Ireland, and Scotland.
These concerts present contemporary Japanese artists to Europe to build a new reciprocal relationship between Japanese and European cultures.

Starring: Harmonica Creams
Members: Yoshito Kiyono, Aiko Obuchi, Koji Nagao and Yuji Tanaka


Harmonica Creams
“Celtic blues” — a new kind of folk band from Japan.
Combining the eclectic timbres of harmonica, fiddle, guitar, and percussion, Harmonica Creams fuses acoustics and electronics to create a unique sound. The distinct sensibility of Yoshito Kiyono, the Paris-based leader and harmonica player, amalgamates the aesthetics of chaos and harmony. The freewheeling trio communicate via their music, weaving together a spiral groove that is at once delicate and powerful.
In 2012’s Ortigueira’s Festival of Celtic World, one of the world’s most important Celtic music festivals, Harmonica Creams received the first prize — the first-time for a band from a country outside the Celtic tradition.
Harmonica Creams’ first and second albums have been featured in numerous French, Spanish and Japanese radios and magazines.


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・A Trapela in Puerta Espasante, Spain
・Fredi’s Place in Puerta Espasante, Spain
・A Cova Céltica in A Coruña, Spain
・Festival de Occidente in Tapia de Casariego, Spain