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La Celestina

  • Organization : Ballet Shoji Kojima Flamenco
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


“La Celestina,” a piece first performed at Le Theatre GINZA, Tokyo in 2009, received rave reviews when it was performed under invitation at the Festival de Jerez (Spain) in February 2011. Now it will be performed again in Spain, at the invitation of the world’s largest flamenco festival la Bienal. Shoji Kojima, an instrumental figure in the development of Japanese flamenco since the early days, will take the achievements of 80 years of Japanese flamenco history to the birthplace of flamenco. “La Celestina” is Kojima’s best-known work, an homage to the three Pablo geniuses; painter Pablo Picasso, poet Pablo Neruda and cellist Pablo Casals who all died in 1973.


Ballet Shoji Kojima Flamenco
Established in 1976 with the aim of contributing to the popularization and advancement of the art of flamenco, the troupe conducts creative tie-ups and promotions through international collaboration and exchange including those in Japan and Spain, as well as various external awareness promoting activities. The company’s goal is to establish the art of flamenco in Japan, aiming to seal the standing of flamenco dancing as an all embracing art form in order to advance its artistry. It has spawned many of the flamenco dancers currently active in Japan.


Teatro de La Maestranza (Sevilla, Spain)