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The 5th  Sanyuutei-miruku no bonin island rakugo-kai

  • Organization : Sanyuutei-miruku no bonin island rakugo-kai
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


At Ogasawara village in Tokyo, which is inconvenient (there is no air route and there is only one weekly ferry) remote island (1,000 km south of Tokyo), there is almost no opportunity to see “professional live entertainment” locally.
I wanted to regularly introduce Rakugo, a traditional performing art, to that Ogasawara village.
Rakugo is an entertainment that you can show off if there is space to sit and performance cost is suppressed over theater and music.
If it is Rakugo in Ogasawara Village, I thought that “entertainment by live by professional” is possible.
With the cooperation of “Sannyuutei-Milk” belonging to Rakugo Association, we have held a rakugo kai around June every year since 2013.


Sanyuutei-miruku no bonin island rakugo-kai
Establishment: June 2013
Background: I wanted to tell the interest of “Rakugo”, a representative’s hobby, to the Tokyo Ogasawara village where the representative lived in the past, and the representative set up a meeting with his friends.
Purpose: To hold and spread Rakugo as a traditional art at Tokyo Bonin Ogasawara village, we hold a rakugo party with “Sannyuutei-Milk” appearance.
Features: We have directors in both Tokyo (mainland) and Ogasawara village, and smoothly do everything from planning to implementation. In 2018, as a voluntary project commemorating the 50th anniversary of the return of the Ogasawara Islands, large-scale entertainment will be scheduled to be held.


Tsutomu Sakai
Sanyuutei-miruku no bonin island rakugo-kai


Haha-jima Village Hall, Izakaya Fuku-chan, Restaurant Bar Crayon, Gyougyou-ji temple, (Ogasawara Village, Tokyo)